Dye Battle Swab



DYE BATTLE SWAB – Olive is an essential accessory for all paintball fans. This compact and easy to use accessory allows you to quickly and easily clean the barrel of your marker, removing dirt, helium and paint fragments that can affect the accuracy of shots during the game.

The DYE BATTLE SWAB – Olive is made of durable and hard-wearing material for long-lasting durability. Its sleek design and stylish olive finish make it a great addition to your paintball arsenal.

This accessory easily attaches to your gear thanks to the special carabiner. The DYE BATTLE SWAB – Olive provides reliable and convenient cleaning of your marker, preparing your equipment for the next shot. This indispensable accessory emphasizes your professionalism and readiness to play, making it the perfect choice for all paintball enthusiasts.


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