The NXe STRANGE BARREL CONDOM – Black/Red is the perfect addition to protect your barrel while playing paintball. This protective condom features a stylish black and red design that not only makes your marker look cool, but also protects it from dirt, water and dust.

Made of durable and stretchy material, it easily stretches over the barrel of your marker and provides reliable protection. This is especially important when playing in outdoor environments or during competitions where your equipment may be exposed to unfavorable factors.

In addition, the NXe STRANGE BARREL CONDOM – Black/Red is easy to remove and wash, providing ease of use and care. It’s also universally sized, making it suitable for most marker barrels.

Protect your marker and keep it in top condition with the NXe STRANGE BARREL CONDOM – Black/Red to make sure it performs reliably while playing paintball.


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