Spyder MR1 Military Kit – Olive


  • Kit provided with marker, loader, harness, goggles, paint tubes, and more
  • CO2 tank at twenty ounces
  • Two-hundred round hopper
  • Heavy-duty and durable one-hundred forty-round tubes
  • Muzzle break barrel at twelve inches


The Spyder MR1 Military Kit – Olive is a kit that is perfect for playing paintball. This kit offers everything you could possibly need to play effectively, and adds a bit of military style to your equipment.

The kit includes a Spyder MR1 military rifle style marker in an olive drab color that adds authenticity to your military look. This marker has excellent accuracy and reliability, making it ideal for serious paintball players.

Also included in the set is a military style mask that provides reliable eye and face protection during play. And on top of that, the kit is completed with military style bunkers that will help add a tactical element to your game.

The Spyder MR1 Military Kit – Olive is the perfect choice for military style fans and serious paintball players. This kit offers everything you need to truly enjoy your game and create a unique military look.


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