Spyder XTRA


Re-designed contour body milling
9.5 inch aluminum barrel
Vertical feed neck
Dusted matte finish anodizing
Pull pin top cocking knob
Delrin bolt construction
Quick disconnect pin
One piece velocity adjuster/spring guide
Ergonomically designed aluminum trigger frame
Two finger trigger
No-slip rubber grip panels
Standard CA thread vertical adapter
Mini drop forward
Low pressure chamber
No-slip rubber wrapped expansion chamber
Inline bottlomline ASA
Stainless steel braided hose



The Spyder XTRA is a quality marker that is ideal for paintball games. It provides excellent accuracy and reliable shooting, making your game more effective and fun.

This marker has a lightweight and durable body that makes it easy to use and ensures durability in all playing conditions. It is also equipped with a high-quality barrel that ensures accurate hits and minimizes recoil.

The Spyder XTRA also features a quick-release magazine, making it easy to reload the marker while playing. It also has an adjustable firing rate, making it versatile and suitable for different styles of play.

Whether you are an experienced player or a newcomer to the world of paintball, the Spyder XTRA is a reliable and effective choice for you. Enjoy accurate shooting and reliable performance with this quality Spyder XTRA marker.


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